Zine Making with Jeremy Staples

The last time I cut and pasted graphics onto paper was when I was working at the Byron Bay office of the Advocate Newspaper in NSW. Designing ads for local businesses was done by hand – this was before computers.

A Zine workshop by Jeremy Staples at the Macleay Island Art Complex enticed me and 18 others to spend three hours making something we knew nothing about. It’s an island trait to be curious especially when coffee and food are present in the same room.

So when I found out that a zine could be a small book, designed by using cut out graphics from magazines and text written on an old Olivetti typewriter, I instantly went into work mode and made ‘ Toilettique’ –  the plea to lower the toilet lid.

I wasn’t the only one engaged in silently seeking the perfect picture, cutting, pasting and sucking the end of the pencil. Looking around the table I watched silversmiths, printmakers, painters, kids, weavers, rugmakers, writers, poets, a tiny-home builder and teachers all focused on making little paper books to swap or share. Subjects were as varied as their makers.

The Southern Moreton Bay Islands are home to our zine guru Jeremy Staples

and photographer, Tracy (Hey Harriet)

I visited     and bought Haiku Coffee and Paper Cranes zines to give to friends as gifts cards. (That is if I can part with them.)




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