Writers connecting – island and city

Our Macleay Island Inspirational Writers’ Group has connected with Brisbane Writers Group in editing an anthology of our stories. Most of the stories evolved from homework assignments. An example of one of the homework assignments is, write up to 1000 words including the paragraphs below.

‘I wake up one morning in a house I don’t recognise. Birds are screaming – not just a few – but hundreds and hundreds of them. The sound of sea booming against cliffs is unmistakable – and wind blowing so strongly the house shudders and creaks, while icy sleet hits the window panes.Sitting up I find a framed photograph of a remote island on the table beside the bed. On it a message is written which says: “You are here” with the house circled. It is a photograph of a remote island, but does not say where. As I explore I find there is no electricity, but there are paraffin lamps and peat to make a fire.’

This prompted stories about a reality survival game, a shawl, a royal prisoner, a spirit and a soldier, a retreat, a gambler, memory loss, a drug trip.

The stories for the anthology were edited by members of our group and passed onto the Brisbane group for comment and further editing if necessary.

One of our members acted as go between and this worked really efficiently. We have the comments back and are really pleased with the process and results.

We’ll use a print copying company for the publication of the book. A book launch will be organized and pre-printing orders are coming in already.

This is our fourth anthology (Spiral Connections IV) and our writing has evolved to the stage where we strive for excellence and have the confidence to show our efforts to the world.

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