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The Macleay Island Inspirational Writing Group’s fourth anthology of short stories in the ‘Spiral Connections’ series is out now. A book launch will be held at the Macleay Island Progress Hall opposite the tavern on Friday, 20th November, 2015 at 10am. Music, readings and morning tea are all free. Autographs ditto. You can purchase this [...]

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Writers connecting – island and city

Our Macleay Island Inspirational Writers’ Group has connected with Brisbane Writers Group in editing an anthology of our stories. Most of the stories evolved from homework assignments. An example of one of the homework assignments is, write up to 1000 words including the paragraphs below. ‘I wake up one morning in a house I don’t [...]

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Keep It Simple Sailor- easy recipes for small boats without a fridge

You’re longing to sail away for a few days but are worried about making meals on your small boat. This simple practical guide is a must for the adventurer whether sailing, camping or roving in a campervan. Each of the 69 tested recipes use unrefrigerated ingredients, a minimum of utensils and will delight the novice [...]

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The Redlitzer editor’s choice winner

Winning the Redlitzer was more of a shock than anything! When competition editor Marilyn Hume said ‘Don’t let them change anything. I wish I’d written this story myself,” I knew I had created something special. But could I keep doing that? I didn’t write anything for a month afterwards. Reading the story, ‘On the Edge’ [...]

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